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 Clustering and concertation
GRAB Cluster
GRAB belongs to a cluster group within IST Framework 5: Applications Relating to Persons with Special Needs Including the Disabled and Elderly. GRAB is part of the cluster including Projects for "Intelligent Systems for Independent Living".
Web facility for EC exchanges with IST  e-Inclusion projects
In order to improve the on-line exchange of information with projects, a web service has been set up to provide a repository of presentations (concertation meetings, info days, etc) and for an events calendar.
The e-group is with public read access to general information, so that all partner members and experts can follow the activities. People can apply for membership for appearing on the general mailing list, however only co-ordinators and technical coordinators of running projects will have rights to upload material. For those co-ordinators, membership is a requirement as we intend to use this sub-mailing list to inform projects about specific matters.
This complementary new service is based on the EC Circa Interest-Group system.
The repository will develop with time and corresponding material will then be removed from Cordis pages.
 GRAB participation in conferences and exhibitions
VR World Congress, Barcelona (Spain), June 2001
“GRAB - Computer GRAphics access for Blind people through a haptic virtual environment”
International Conference on Assistive Technology   (ICAT 2002), Derby (England), April 2002
“Dual point haptic applications for blind people - a user needs perspective”
8th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (ICCHP), July 2002
“Haptic Perception of 2D Pictures and 3D Objects: Accurate Mental Representation as a Function of Visual Status”
4th International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies (IDCVRAT), September 2002
“Assessing the Utility of Dual Finger Haptic Interaction with 3D Virtual Environments for Blind People”
Paper presented at Assessing the utility of dual finger haptic interaction with 3D virtual environments for blind people. K Gladstone1, H Graupp1 and C Avizzano2
Touch Blindness and Neuroscience 2002, Madrid (Spain), October 2002
“GRAB - enabling vision impaired people to access the three-dimensional computer graphic world”
Eurohaptics 2003, Dublin (Ireland), July 2003
“The Design and Evaluation of a Computer Game for the Blind in the GRAB Haptic Audio Virtual Environment”
Assistive Technology shaping the future (AAATE), Dublin (Ireland) August 2003
“GRAB - A new haptic and audio virtual environment enabling vision impaired people to access the three-dimensional computer graphic world”.
International Conference on Robot and Human Interaction (RO-MAN 03), USA, October 2003
“A multi-finger haptic interface for blind users”
Participation in exhibitions
CIDAT (ONCE), Madrid (Spain), September 2002
“Opening session of the center CIDAT (ONCE)” organised by ONCE. Presentation of the GRAB system to the collective from ONCE (educators, rehabilitators, psychologist,..)
Eurohaptics 2003
Dublin (Ireland), July 2003.
The GRAB system and the basic game were available to conference delegates to try for themselves. There was an enormous interest in the game and the GRAB device (with queue to try the game).  There were very positive reaction and lots of worthwhile feedback.
Milan (Italy), October 2003
Organised by the European Commission. The participation of GRAB at the IST event, showed a real and great interest into the possibilities offered by haptic systems. We had more than three thousand visitors visiting the exhibition stand and half a thousand of them were participant from the IST community. (see figure 5.4.1)
ICAR 2003
Coimbra (Portugal), November 2003

 Press/web articles
Betterhumans.com Sept 2003
“Device Lets Blind Feel Graphics” By Gabe Romain

 Research and resource sites
An excellent source of information and active news group.
Digital Culture (DigiCULT)
An IST Support Measure (IST-2001-34898) to establish a regular technology watch for cultural and scientific heritage.
List of projects and resources includes GRAB and other similar projects under Resources/Haptics, Telepresence, and Robotics.
 Other projects and papers on haptic interfaces for blind and visually impaired users
A touching sensation, Mechanical Engineering, November 2003
By Jean Thilmany; a market-oriented article that explains the potential for haptics in medicine and rehabilitation and touches on some of the commercial constraints.
Cellphones of the future may be tactile wonderlands
International Herald Tribune, Monday, July 7, 2003